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Understanding Barcode Verification

Make sure your barcode scans first time, every time

If your product or item is designed to merge with the supply chains of major suppliers or distributors, it is imperative that your barcode scans first time, every time.

Barcode verification reports are test scans of printed barcodes to report how easily and accurately the barcode image will scan. Tests are conducted on specialised equipment according to international standards. The reports give an overall grade for the barcode (with 'A' being the best), as well as details of various parameters of the barcode.


Why Verify your Barcodes?

Bar code quality is VITAL!, every time a bar code fails to scan, costs can be incurred. This can force your customers to spent more time manully inputting the barcode data, which as a result could incur penalty's, at worst deliveries are rejected.

Unverified barcodes will be embarassing for your business.

In its clearest form, verification is an insurance policy helping to assure you that your bar code will scan first time at all levels in the supply chain, thus enhancing your supplier relationship.

A recent article from GS1 UK, shows the impact that poor barcodes can have on the industry resulting in millions of pounds wasted due to unverified and badly designed labels.





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